Sometimes you feel blue, but you have to keep on walking anyway.

Sometimes you feel blue, but you have to keep on walking anyway.

A message from matigiob
hey, your drawings and animations are great, literally...!! do u have any suggestions on "how" to start doodling and stuff?

Thanks Matigiob!

Couple of things help me doodle:

1) Having a pad of paper and a pencil or pen in front of me while talking on the phone. For some reason, sketching while talking lets my mind wander and I end up with something weird or interesting (sometimes.)

2) Going to the park or a coffee shop. Observing people and life in general around you is the best. I guarantee you’ll come across at least one or two people who’ll give you an idea for something, or are just fun to draw.

3) Put on your favorite movie, and just let yourself doodle anything from it. The characters, the props, what have you. It’s a great way to get inspired easily and just get to drawing.

Hope this helps!

A message from nelledit
Your one helluva person. To Nel, From Nell.


I’m…alright. Lukewarm at best.

YOU, however, are awesome! Keep up the great work being awesome Nelledit, and thank you!

A message from a-psychedelic-wonderland
You're one if the best cartoonists I've seen in a while! Keep up the good work! :)

You’re really sweet, and I thank you! However, there are so many better cartoonists out there! Such as these folks: (GASP, a blogspot!)

You should follow them all!

A message from anyaberlova
I think your animations are really cool! How did you get on tumblr radar?

Thank you Anya.

Blood, sweat and tears.

No but seriously, I think it’s just your tags. Choosing the right ones helps, and posting work regularly doesn’t hurt either.

A message from rtm3
Nels, why are you so bloody wonderful with your talent? Youze are wicked amazing, you are. I just wanted to tell you that and to thank you for the rainbow GIF today. As you were, Lt. Bobby rtm3

Yay rainbows! Double rainbows! Cloud spewing, loving rainbows!

Glad you liked it friend. Thanks!

A message from nomnom5168
Can I have an awesome caricature saying thanks for me saying your blog is so awesome? o.o Cuz it is


Thanks friend!



A message from bettersurroundings
Hey your rainbow puking clouds were on my login screen :)